Chetana has a holistic approach towards the treatment of all of its patients. Other than identifying who needs their financial assistance and which hospital and doctors can help the patient, Chetana also makes sure that the patient is rehabilitated post treatment.

This could involve finding homes for orphans and the aged who have nowhere to go, organizing stay for relatives accompanying a sick child, donating wheelchairs, prosthetics and crutches and even providing further education or vocational training to patients, so that they can return to a better life and support system, sustaining themselves post their illness.



He ran away from his stepmother who ill treated him, only to collapse at VT Station where he was found by a policeman and admitted to St. Georges Hospital. He was suffering from Guillain–Barré syndrome, a muscular weakness that can result in total paralysis including the muscles that control breathing and swallowing. Chetana treated him at the Paraplegic Hospital in Sion. He was then taught a trade and now holds a job which gives him a decent wage. Suresh is a happy and healthy young man who loves cricket, watching TV and clowning around. One could almost expect him to burst in one fine day and beam “I’ve fallen in love”.


The 10 year old was curled up like a foetus on a bed in the Pediatric ward. Staring blankly with swollen legs, his entire body and scalp was covered in eczema as he was suffering from a Protein Deficiency. Having run away from his home in Bihar, Ganesh had no one to turn to. It took a Chetana volunteer 2 weeks of coaxing, stroking and murmuring to him before he responded. He thrived on his treatment and with the proper nutrition became brighter and better before graduating to being the doctors little helper. Today he is at Vatsyalaya, a Home for Homeless Boys where he has shed his insecurities along with his ill health. He attends the Municipal School and Vatsyalaya resounds to his singing and dancing in imitation of his heroes Shahrukh Khan and Hritik Roshan.


He came from a small town in Gujarat with his wife and 5 children all under the age of 10. He sold vessels to make a living. Bhupenbhai and his wife were partially blind but all 5 of his children were totally blind from birth, having inherited the visionary problems their parents had. Chetana took all 7 of them to Dr Ashwin Sainani at Hinduja Hospital who was willing to operate on their rare form of cataracts. Today, 3 of the children have undergone surgery and regained partial sight while 2 of them are still too young. From the 3 who have had successful surgery, Bhavesh and Tushar have been placed at the Victoria Memorial Home for the Blind. Bhupenbhai and his wife are currently undergoing the surgery that has given their children a chance to lead a normal life. Apart from the eye surgery, Chetana has also given the parents Rs.1000 as an incentive to undergo sterilization.


Dhanraj is an HIV positive orphan. He’s looked after by his old grandmother, who brought him to GT hospital from Ahmednagar. Chetana stepped in to take care of his medical expenses while undergoing treatment. Today, Dhanraj is at Snehankit School in Ahmednagar where his medical condition is in remission. Chetana continues to pay for his upkeep.


Disfigured beyond recognition, 7 year old Bipin came to Mumbai with his grandfather. His face had been burnt in a domestic accident. Everyone in his village used kerosene stoves to light their kitchen fires. Bipins accident caused his face to practically burn off. Over 3 years, Chetana took care of all the skin grafting and plastic surgeries he needed to give him his face back. He returned to his village with a new found confidence and a huge smile. Today, several years later, he still keeps in touch and plans to get married.


Jannat Sultan Khan had a congenital deformity in her legs. At 7 years old, her parents were not concerned with her problems as they had a 3 year old son with the same defect. Her mother made plans to get the son treated with corrective surgery but being a girl, Jannat was completely ignored, thereby worsening her condition. When Chetana interviewed the mother, it was obvious that she was not interested in Jannats plight. Chetana insisted that Jannat too be given immediate attention and convinced the mother of the same. Finally, the surgery was successfully performed giving both children a brighter future and Chetana took care of all the expenses. The father never visited the hospital through the entire ordeal.


Priyanka and her brother Laxman were orphaned as young children and brought up by their grandmother. Chetana met the grandmother when she approached the foundation for some treatment. On hearing her story, Chetana realized that she also was unable to educate them and stepped in to help pay for their education from standard 3 onwards. Laxman completed his 12th standard and is presently working in a construction company. Priyanka is today a confident 18 year old doing her B.Com from SNDT College. It has been very fulfilling to see both children grow into responsible adults and become self sufficient.


28 year old Ayesha, residing in Govandi, came to Chetana for help in the treatment of her son Khalid who was a heart patient. Chetana sponsored his medication. While interacting with her, we realized that none of her children are being educated due to financial constraints. Her husband was an out of work embroidery artisan who had to stop working due to his deteriorating eyesight. Chetana sponsored the school fees for her 2 young boys. Today, Fazal is in senior KG and Soheb in standard 2.