The Mhaskar Hospice is a cancer hospice where children stricken with cancer and their parents can stay at nominal rates. Chetana administers the hospice on behalf of the Bombay Mothers and Children’s Association.

It has helped repair and refurbish the hospice, providing aid, counseling, moral support and help in rehabilitation. A playroom for these children and another free ward for adult patients have subsequently been added.

Chetana also works closely with the doctors at the Tata Memorial Hospital to identify patients who really need financial support and guidance and gives them the chance to be cured and rehabilitated.


Ganesh came from a remote village in Maharashtra, stricken with Lymphoma (cancer). Chetana had him treated and cured. As he didn’t want to pursue an educational or vocational course, he expressed his desire to open a small sweet & snack shop in his village. Chetana gave his Rs.10,000 to follow his dream. Ganesh’s shop sustains him and his family.


Afiya Mansoose is the oldest of 3 siblings. She’s 17 years old and resides at the Nepean Sea Road slums. Afiya is undergoing Multi Drug Resistant TB treatment at GT Hospital. Her brother Akib (16 years) and sister Afreen (14 years old) are also undergoing treatment for their MDR TB. They contracted the disease through unsanitary cramped living conditions and their close proximity to one another. Their parents make decorative bags to make ends meet and Afiya is training to be a tailor. Chetana has sponsored the MDR TB drugs for all 3 siblings.

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh, a tribal from Madhya Pradesh, was accompanied by his father for his cancer treatment at the Tata Hospital, Mumbai. When they first got to Mumbai, they did not know anyone.
We, at Chetana arranged for his stay at Maskar hospital, which was free of cost, for a period of 6 to 7 months. We took care of his food, clothes, treatment. He returned to his village a changed boy. We are still in touch with him, and are happy in the knowledge that is healthy and cancer free.