“What we do may be a drop in the ocean, but every drop is an ocean to the recipient, making all the difference between lives lived to the fullest and a life wasted”. This is the philosophy that guides us and we believe if every individual did a little bit, all the little bits would create a better world for all, because every life is precious.

Chetana started as that drop. Three women moved by the plight of injured Mumbaikars in the aftermath of the Mumbai riots in 1992 and determined to help alleviate the distress of those who were injured, started visiting GT Hospital in Mumbai. They met the doctors and ascertained which patients needed money for diagnosis or treatment. They reviewed each case with careful compassion, made the funds available for those in need, and then followed up till the cure was affected. Thus was born the ‘Chetana Foundation’ in 1995.

Soon, as the number of volunteers increased, Chetana expanded its activities to more hospitals. Whether a patient needs investigations and tests done or money for medicine and treatment, Chetana takes care of it all. Currently,

several hundred patients (MENTION A FIGURE) are diagnosed and treated, regardless of what they may be suffering from. Couples who already have several children are also given an incentive of Rs.1000 by Chetana, to undergo sterilization. Patients problems could range from HIV to burns to blindness. The list is endless and Chetana does it all – helping to rehabilitate patients, finding homes for orphans and the aged who had nowhere to go, organizing stay for relatives accompanying a sick child, donating wheelchairs, prosthetics and crutches, even sponsoring educational and vocational courses to sustain themselves post their illness.

To date, Chetana operates in Cama & Albless Hospital (cancer ward for women), ENT hospital, St. Georges Hospital, Paraplegic Society, St. Elizabeths Hospital, Tata Memorial and JJ Hospital (pediatric ward).

There are lakhs of people who cannot afford the medical help they desperately need. The problem is enormous and growing every day due to population pressure, spread of epidemics, poor living conditions and all the attendant ills thereof, compounded by poverty and illiteracy.

Chetana exists to help the poorest of the poor, the helpless and hopeless, who are seriously ill and the neediest in our society. There are beggars, run away children and villagers from all corners of the country leading a hand to mouth existence, turning up in our city wide eyed and trusting, thinking that their illnesses will be cured for free, in the municipal and government hospitals.

Chetana knows better. Chetana knows that there are many services they have to pay for, none of which they can remotely afford. That’s where Chetana steps in, with its team of dedicated and experienced volunteers, armed with both experience of how the public health system works and with loads of compassion…

Chetana is a non profit organization that needs your monetary help, to help these helpless sick people. How far can your money go, you say? You will be amazed to know just how far.

For Rs.1000, 2 cancer patients can avail of a chemotherapy session each.
For Rs.5000, 2 patients can have a (brain) MRI and subsequently (be given) a diagnosis.
For Rs.10,000 2 patients suffering from Extra Drug Resistant Tuberculosis can be treated for a month. The possibilities are enormous and endless.

Chetana is unique. It has no administrative and overhead costs. Chetana has no paid office bearers. 95% of your donation goes into the cause, where it is carefully disbursed by volunteers. Chetana has so far been funded by well wishers from amongst the families and friends of its members. It has now established itself as an integral part of the medical institutions with whom it works and is poised for expansion so that it can reach out to more people.

Chetana cares for every rupee you donate. No money goes directly to the patients. Every rupee spent is paid only to a doctor or medico-social worker, after careful consideration and responsible follow-ups are done.